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Thanks to the intelligent combination of our high-quality active ingredients, you can benefit immediately after taking it. SUMMACUM® with its study-based power complex of active ingredients bundles mental performance in just one stick and mentally pushes you to a new level!
CDP-Cholin Cognizin®
Ginkgo biloba

Simple to use

How does this work?

All active ingredients are within small granules, which dissolve immediately and without any additional liquid in the mouth.
Pour the granules on the tongue, unfolding the fruity, delicately bitter grapefruit taste and the performance can begin!



The impressive thing about the combination of caffeine and L-theanine is their synergy: both substances benefit from each other and compensate for each other’s weaknesses and unwanted effects. Your brain will be balanced and your mental performance will be optimized.
You also benefit from the symbiosis of CDP-choline and acetyl-L-carnitine: In combination, both substances ensure a rapid increase in acetylcholine content. As a result, your brain gets more oxygen. In many top athletes the increased oxygen content leads to a feeling of increased mental performance (In the Zone).

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Frequently asked Questions


Definitely! Many top athletes use SUMMACUM® specifically during training and competitions! Lightning-fast responsiveness, strong focus and the ability to process information effectively are the key success factors in most sports. Acetylcholine, the most important transmitter in the central nervous system, controls the transmission of stimuli between nerves and muscles. In addition, the supply of oxygen to the brain by CDP-choline (citicoline) is improved. This gives many top athletes a sense of increased mental performance (In-The-Zone).

Depending on requirements, 1-2 sticks per day, before intense mental concentration phases. Do not take more just before bedtime.

SUMMACUM® contains a 100% natural grapefruit flavor. As with a grapefruit, you first taste the fine sweet and sour notes, which then ends with a fruity, mildly tart taste.

Yes, SUMMACUM® is 100% suitable for vegans. We deliberately do not use animal products.

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SUMMACUM® is official partner of the Kölner Liste®.

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Our goal is to provide helpful support to people with high expectations of themselves and their own performance. With SUMMACUM® we have developed a direct granulate that, through the interaction of its ingredients, provides effective support in times of high mental stress. SUMMACUM® was developed especially for the needs of top athletes, gamers and students, but also enjoys great popularity among professionals and service providers.

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